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Construction: 2011-2013
Customer: Belarusian Potash Company
Location: Minsk, Belarus

Headquarters of Belarusian Potash Company

Central part of the building imitating potash crystal is a reference to the main direction of customer company activity. This effect was achieved with a special glazing technology. There are only two such buildings in the word and one of them is in Minsk. On the outside, the visitors can see rich red color of sylvinite (sedimentary rock) with flare lights and a variety of shades, and on the inside – clear, transparent windows with natural colors. Night lighting emphasizes crystal shape of the building even more. There is one more detail in the building innovative for Belarus: the system of office units glazing from floor to ceiling with the height of more than 3 meters using energy-saving triple-pane windows was applied for the first time.

The key point of the project is a maximum of color, light and glass. The glazing blurs the boundaries between the interior and the environment, and the sunrays create a glimmering pattern as they reflect and refract due to polygonal lines and acute angles.

The building is located in the green area of the city center, the full potential of which was used when developing the project. Firstly, there isan amphitheater for corporate events and leisure activities. Secondly, building structure supposes a constant interaction of company employees and visitors of the building with urban environment: there is a panoramic view of recreation park and the river Svisloch almost on each floor where main lobbies have a shape of atrium and are filled with light and air!

  • gorodeckaya 38a
    Minsk, belarus 220125
  • +375 17 286 39 68
  • +375 17 286 39 64
  • 4689 Ponce de Leon Blvd,
    Third Floor, Suite300, Coral Gables, FL 33146
  • +1 305 667 5567
  • +1 786 395 7970
  • Moskovskaya 208/606
    Belarus 224023